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Al-Active Newsletter 12.2021

Dear customers,

We warmly welcome you again this month … One wonders where the time has gone, the month of December is just around the corner. While winter has already arrived in Europe, Alanya still enjoys temperatures of 20 -25 degrees

Of course you also wish for a bit of cold and rain … these wishes from us are probably very strange for many customers 🙂 But that’s the way it is, if the weather is always nice for 8 to 10 months, then you want to have a little variety … This year there was a lot to do, a lot of work, we were able to make many new guests and interested parties happy. There are many reasons why many choose Alanya. We hear again and again from our customers that you can move around more freely here and that this is one of the reasons why they emigrate or want to make a place here. Here you are freer, you can breathe, you can live and are allowed to live. Even if one does not sometimes agree, the other is not criticized or punished here. One is much more tolerant of one another. Up until now, many emigrants have been retirees, but at the moment there are also very young families with children. Of course, that makes us particularly happy. When is it your turn?

With this in mind, we wish you all the best, a merry Christmas and lots of health and lots of joy …