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Al-Active Newsticker 01.2021

Dear customers & interested parties,
I remember as if it were yesterday when I wrote to you last year full of hope and enthusiasm about how great & magical the year 2020 will be for all of us. But the future brought something completely different. The year 2020 hit us all quite hard. It was a difficult time for all of us to overcome. The uncertainty, the limitations and the awkward situation that we have all mastered. But the year has also shown us our strengths and weaknesses. This is exactly where the question arises. What do we learn from this for the future? What will I take with me into 2021? What do we have to change in ourselves and in our environment? What do we have to fight for and where do we have to learn to let go? Many people have used the time to take advantage of this by looking inside themselves to find themselves. Our conclusion from this year is: “Life will not adapt to us, we have to adapt to life”. But one thing is certain, we must never give up hope! Due to the restricted travel regulations, many of our customers were unable to enter Turkey. That is why we have tried to keep our customers up to date during these difficult times by telephone, e-mail and with our newsletter and to build them up so that they do not become homesick or wanderlust. Because your home here in Turkey is in our hands and you have rightly relied on us with a clear conscience. Nonetheless, there were some who spent this difficult time in Turkey to enjoy the weather here in Alanya and to make the situation a little more positive, so as not to be dragged down by the whole negative. We wish you all an unrestricted year and freedom for 2021. We should be aware of how important a person’s freedom is & should not let this be stolen from us in any way. And we wish our prospective customers that they can hopefully fulfill their dream of owning their own home in the New Year.

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