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Beware of buying and selling real estate

Buying a property in Turkey can be very easy. But when looking for the right property, only a professional agent can help you. Having a right, reputable company on your side is therefore very important.

Not only should people be warned about so-called sellers, but on the basis of a new law, these “sellers” who, among other things, in some social media (such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) will offer their ‘super bargain’, but now these ‘sellers’ will also carefully investigated. If they are not registered at the Chamber of Commerce and do not have a business, they will be prosecuted. Foreign sellers who offer illegal property in this way are referred to the court of the country.

In this respect, also the use of keys by e.g. at the concierge is tricky. Many owners do this so that their property can be looked after, or in case something happens someone will have a key. But what happens again and again is that the good intention is exploited, the property is offered for sale. An illegal advance of 1,000 or 2,000 Euro is cashed or the house is rented out without the knowledge of the owners. Therefore, always contact a professional broker to buy and sell a property.

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