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Corona update 30.03.2020

Dear customers,


Today we want to address those who live here permanently.

You probably know that people who are older than 65 or who have / have had specific medical conditions are not allowed to leave their home.

This is for your own protection so that you stay healthy! Failure to do so could result in a fine of approximately 3,500 TL. There are also patrols, so don’t take it lightly.


The early implementation of protective measures in Turkey prevented an outbreak of the virus, as was the case in other countries!


Water, electricity or telephone / internet bills usually go through direct debit, so you don’t have to worry about that.


General information, regardless of your age:

  • All public places, e.g. Parks, playgrounds and beaches have been cordoned off and are no longer accessible to contain an outbreak of the pandemic.


  • Public city bus traffic will continue, taking into account the minimum distances. You may only leave your house for urgent purchases – of course only if you are not older than 65. The bus traffic “domestic”, between the cities, e.g. from Alanya to Antalya has been discontinued throughout Turkey.


  • If you think you have symptoms that indicate Covid-19, you can contact the public hospital (Devlet Hastanesi) by phone at “112”. This number will help you in German or English.


The city of Alanya has a hotline where you can get help in 3 languages ​​(German / English / Russian): “444 82 07” – also available via Whats App: +90 552 444 82 07. The city of Alanya offers you help with shopping etc. – of course only if all residents of a household are older than 65 years.


We hope everyone stays healthy and wish you the very best.

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