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Report about TTPP in Yeni Alanya newspaper

Chairman Toklu met with Yakup Uslu, President of the Real Estate Professionals Association (TTPP) and the members of the Board of Directors and held an important meeting. The meeting was chaired by District Chairman Mustafa Toklu and hosted by Real Estate Professionals Association Board Member Şükrü Cimrin. The meeting was attended by Alanya District Board Members, Yakup Uslu, President of Association of Real Estate Professionals, and Board Members. Yakup Uslu, President of the Real Estate Professionals Association, briefed President Toklu on the current situation in the construction and real estate sectors.

Chairman Toklu stated that they will conduct studies to eliminate the problems by working with construction and real estate sector officials. “We received the opinions and thoughts of our industry representatives on the current situation of the real estate and construction sector, which is extremely important for Alanya, and the problems experienced in Alanya, the steps to be taken and new regulations, so we had an important consulting opportunity. As a district organization, we will conduct the necessary studies on these issues and hold ministerial-level meetings in Ankara as soon as possible after the completion of our reports.

In our Alanya; Together with our institutions, NGOs and industry representatives, we will carry out studies and follow the topics. With our industry representatives, we will take important steps to increase the quality of our city, with the right steps and regulations to meet the common denominator, conducting short-term and later long-term studies to protect the interests of both our country, Alanya and to ensure the continuity of the sector.”